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My goal as a midwife is to assist women and their families during the special period of life of a pregnancy, the birth and the postpartum, giving them security and confidence through professional expertise, empathy and time. [Read more]


Midwifery Services

Every woman, no matter how insured (statutory, privately or by the Social Welfare) has the right of midwifery services, even if it is an adopted child or a stillbirth.

When statutory insured, the benefits for the midwifery services are paid directly from the insurance company. Private insured women receives an invoice from the midwife that they submit to the health insurance to be refund and women who are cared by the social security will get the invoice payed directly from the appropriate office (Sozialamt).

Attention! The privately insured women have absolutely to make sure which kind of services are included in the contract. It can happens that you have signed a contract without benefits for pregnancy because it would substantially lowered the contribution! So pay attention if pregnancy, childbirth, midwife services and courses are included otherwise you have to pay the costs yourself.

It´s your job to find a midwife that assists you from the pregnancy to the puerperium. You can find a midwife searching online in following websites: Berliner Hebammenliste, Hebammensuche oder Kidsgo.

There is also a facebook group called Hebammenvermittlung Berlin where you can post an inquiry. In all the inquiries do not forget to indicate your addresswhere you live and the due date (ET)!!!

The pregnancy
During the pregnancy the midwife can carry out prenatal check-ups (Vorsorge) and give you many advises that concerns the pregnancy, the birth or the puerperium. This does not mean that you can´t  do the check-ups at your doctors. It is also possible to alternate the check-ups with the gynecologist and the midwife eventhough the ultrasound examinations can only be done by the gynecologists!

As soon as the midwife notice any patological outcome during the check-ups, she will send you for further examinations to your gynecologist, because she is responsible for the physiology of pregnancy, birth and puerperium.

The birth
Midwives are responsible for the spontaneous birth at home, in the hospital or maternity home as employees or independent midwife.
The cost of the on-call midwife for a homebirth, a maternity home birth or in the hospital with your own personal midwife (Beleghebamme) is not necessarily covered by health insurance. That’s why you probably have to expect more costs if you you wish this kind of birth.

The puerperium
After the birth and up to the 10th day after birth, the midwife can make daily home visits. This is regardless of whether you have spent several days after birth in the hospital, left the hospital after a few hours or you have given birth at home. Thereafter and up to 12 weeks from your child birth you can have 16 more home visits, and 8 furthers appointments until the end of breastfeeding. If necessary, the gynecologist or pediatrician may prescribe even more home visits.

I accompany and support you from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of the postpartum period carrying out:

I also advise and inform you among topics as:

  • diet and lifestyle in pregnancy,
  • Partnership and sexuality,
  • Preparation for the child,
  • Possibilities of childbirth classes and place of birth,
  • social support during pregnancy and after birth,
  • postnatal courses, family planning and contraception.

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Your opinion is so important to me!!!
I look forward to read your feedback because they help me to adapt my offer better to the needs.

  • Bereits zwei Mal war ich bei Andrea und bin begeistert von ihrer einfühlsamen Art und der vertrauensvollen Begleitung. Auch wenn von Anfang an klar war, dass Andrea die Wochenbettbetreuung aufgrund ihres Urlaubs nicht wahrnehmen kann, hat sie mir angeboten, solange ich keine Hebamme finde, zu ihr zu kommen. Ich kann jedem nur raten, solch ein Angebot anzunehmen. Nach wie vor bin ich auf der Suche nach einer Hebamme, aber zumindest vor der Geburt erstmal gut begleitet von Andrea!!!

    Caroliln Rölle 29 March 2018
  • Für angehende Hebammen ist der Beitrag im Fernsehen sicher gut als Einstieg zu gebrauchen. Eine Bekannte war neulich bei einer Hebammenberatung in Strasshof an der Nordbahn. Ich werde sie einmal fragen, wie sie den Beitrag fand sie hat ihn nämlich auch gesehen.

    Mia 19 June 2018
  • Liebe Andrea,
    ich habe Dich eben in der Sendung auf RTL gesehen.
    Ich fand Deinen Beitrag toll. Warmherzig, erfrischend, direkt und er zeigt, wie wichtig und breit gefächert die Aufgaben einer Hebamme sind. Vielen Menschen ist dies nicht bewusst. Danke 🙂

    Tina 20 July 2018

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